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Hnefatafl / Viking Chess

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Sit down with a glass of mead or your favorite drink for a barrel of laughs while playing this game that predates chess! Hnefatafl (Neffa-Taffle) was the game of choice amongst the Vikings, hence why a lot of people call it Viking Chess or know it as Viking Chess. 

It is a very simple and fun game to play. You are either the attacker or defender. If you are the attacker, you are trying to capture the King, and if you are the defender, you are obviously trying to keep the King safe. 
Game pieces can be move any which way, except for diagonal. If the attacker "pins" the defenders game piece between two of their game pieces, they "capture" that piece and it is removed from the board. But moving a piece in between two opposing players pieces does not count as being captured. In order to capture the King, he has to have 4 attack pieces surrounding him. The King can make an "escape" and the defender wins if the King makes it to any edge of the game board.
Once the King escapes, the game board is reset and you switch teams. The new defender now tries to escape in less moves than the original defender. If the King is captured, same thing, game board is reset and you switch teams, and the new attacker tries to capture the King in less moves than the previous attacker (a feat that is extremely difficult).
Game Includes:
  • Birch Board Game stained and engraved with Viking Design
  • 36 Regular Wooden Game Pieces and 1 King Wooden Game Piece
  • Storage Box