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Game Night Bundle Dice Set

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A perfect game night bundle set for any dice game! Don’t fret about finding paper to keep score, or where your dice are, they store right in the bottom of the cup! 

Great for Farkle, Yahtzee, and more! 

Dice tray 9”x9”

Scorepad approx. 5”x8”

Can be customized with any engraving, as long as it’s not a copyrighted image. If you would like the image shown, just put Image Shown in the Personalization Text area.

****DISCLAIMER: Dice cups ONLY come in Tan, Brown, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Rawhide, Gray, and Rustic. If you choose a color that is not one of those, we will match your dice cup with the best choice for that color.

These products would be $82 bought individually.